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Back up all your Data in a Remote, Secure, Monitored Environment...
Media Vault Storage

We can ensure that everything you need to restart your company in the event of a disaster, is managed and stored by us in a remote, secure and monitored environment.

Your company is no doubt taking the necessary steps to prepare for inevitable data loss; however simply backing up your data will not protect you from disasters such as fire and hurricane that may strike your premises. It is vital if your company is to continue in business that your backups are moved to a secure location away from your primary operations on a continual basis to minimize the chances of data loss.

It is equally important that those backups are transported and stored in a manner that ensures the integrity of the information they possess. It is not uncommon for businesses to find that the data on poorly stored backup tapes has been corrupted and is useless.

We can ensure that those backups are routinely moved off-site and securely managed until you need them.

The Process

You schedule collection, delivery and/or rotation.

Our uniformed, bonded, security officers collect your media and transport it in our security vehicle to our media vault located within our secure and monitored archive warehouse.

You are issued with a receipt confirming that we have taken possession of your media.

All media is stored and transported in locked, specially designed media cases to protect against impact, temperature and humidity extremes. Learn more about our cases.

Case features:

Pad-lockable, Holds mutliple tape formats i.e. DLT, LTO, 4mm or 8mm/AIT/VXA etc.
CAPACITY: 13-15 combined DLT and/or LTO cartridges or...20-25 combined 4mm and/or 8mm cartridges

Vault Features
  • Environmentally controlled to media specifications and electronically monitored for temperature and humidity

  • Automatic fire suppression system using non-conductive, non-corrosive clean agents. (No water or chemicals to damage media)

  • 24 hour remote monitored motion and smoke censors throughout building

  • Electronic access control to vault

  • Client access to media 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Recorded surveillance cameras throughout facility

  • Vault floor is above ground level, with storm drains within facility and in the yard

  • No clients have direct access to storage area unless escorted on a facility tour


weatherproof storage case.png

Most IT managers have some kind of strategy in place for securing customer information within their networks. However, there always comes a day when a given desktop or notebook computer is retired, and that is when an IT manager can lose control over protecting the confidentiality of that data. Provisions and controls need to be established to ensure that the data on those retired hard drives cannot be made available to others.

The cost of purchasing and running sanitization programs on a fleet of computers can be both time consuming and ineffective, as some sanitization programs recommend that the drive is overwritten by the software as many as seven times to ensure effectiveness.

We can collect your drives and either at our facility or yours "punch" each drive using our hydraulic press. The results of this process as certified by CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is "effective" and "….we are satisfied that the platters on which the data is stored is sufficiently damaged to deter any attempts at data recovery. Therefore we conclude that at this time it would not be possible to recover data from this hard drive or any hard drive destroyed in this manner."


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