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Cost Saving, Record Protection & Accessibility...

We charge per box, so you only pay for the space that you use. Our records centre is equipped with shelving specifically designed for records storage. This ensures that records are stored in the best possible manner to not only ensure durability, but also offer maximum space utilisation.

We are certain that we can reduce your cost structure no matter what your current storage situation.

Records Protection

We have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of your records. Our warehouse is a cement and steel structure, and under 24 hour security surveillance. Only our staff and persons accompanied by staff are allowed into the facility.


This means that when storing your records with us you are not only protecting them from any natural disaster that might occur at your location, but also protecting your company's vital information from theft and other forms of industrial espionage.

Records Accessibility

We collect and deliver all records 24/7/365. Upon opening an account with Secure Shred, your boxes will be bar-coded and entered into our records management computer system. Retrieval is only a request away. We can also offer assistance with determining your retention schedule, based on government legislation and accounting guidelines.


Through our Web Interface, clients can access their inventory to run reports and request services from any PC with internet access.




As vital as it is to properly store and be able to quickly retrieve your records, it is also critical that you properly dispose of them when the time comes.

Within our records management system destroy dates can be established for your records upon their arrival, and when that pre-determined date is reached we will provide you with a destruction notice, detailing which boxes are due to be destroyed. Once we have written confirmation from you to proceed with destruction, the contents of those boxes will be shredded on our premises and a certificate of destruction issued. If you are not a part of our records management programme, but still have records that need to be destroyed, Secure Shred can collect them and bring them to our facility to be destroyed .

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